It's good to step out of your comfort zone!

Today showjumping and Saturday the 30th it is the Silver Spur - the final round of the Hunt Race Season.

As an equestrian photographer the one thing I try to do is not rest on my laurels and get too comfortable. It is healthy and important to challenge yourself across all aspects of equestrian photography - Drag Hunting, Showjumping, Hunt Races, Team Chases, Dressage, Showing - the list goes on!

As with all photography timing is everything and each discipline requires its own unique timing and as with the great British weather, the light is oh so changeable. Give yourself a challenge and photograph something new.

This weekend should really see if I can rise to my own challenge - Photographing 2 hunt races, 1 team chase competition on Saturday and showjumping on Sunday. Keep an eye out on my photo albums to see the results - I would be interested to get your opinions.

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