You've got to go to a GB Hunt Race!

What a day at the Silver Spur! Well organised and jumps that make your soul smile. The ground conditions were a bit firm but the organisers did everything that they could to resolve that. As for the jumps - brave pants and stick jods on ladies and gents. This is not a sport for the faint hearted!

It was lovely to see the youngsters come out in force in the Tom Nichols and wonderful to hear the Team Chasers encouraging each other on.

All in all an amazing day - one well worth spent photographing horses and jockeys in full flight.

So thats the hat trick completed for this year - The Golden Button, The Gloucestershire Steeplechases and the Silver Spur.

Showjumping for me at Speetley tomorrow if the weather holds off . What a weekend - Breathtaking!!!

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